Real Leather

Real leather is a Hardcore band from New Jersey that I had the chance to photograph the same time as Empty. These guys have a serious presence on stage. They also bring their own stage lights which I am a huge fan of. Here are some of the awesome photos from their set.

Empty Band

Tonight I had the chance to see the guys of Empty perform again. I met these guys on my trip to Austin, TX on a whim and talked to them about this show tonight. For those of you who have never heard of Empty, These guys are incredible performers. They are one of a handful of bands that I would kill to tour with and capture moments every night. Its always a new and interesting performance.

heres the photos:

Skamiccon East 2018

Saturday I had the opportunity to head out to Long Branch, NJ for Skamiccon. A fun day filled with like minded people getting together to listen to some awesome music. Here are the photos I got from it. Bare with me there were a lot of bands.

Nerd Surge

The Schwam


Behind Deadlines

The Upfux

Molly Rhythm

Joker’s Republic

No Such Noise

A little pop punk in Trenton, NJ

This past week I had the opportunity through friends so see an amazing show in Trenton New Jersey at Championship Bar and Grill. 

There were are few bands there that killed it. 

Highschool Superstars

A New Jersey pop punk band. 

My Rising Fall

A band from NJ who was super energetic. 

The Halogens

A pop punk outfit from New jersey. 


A Minesota pop punk group

Such Gold

New York Pop Punk


Chicago pop punk

A Small Taste of the Austin Punk Rock Scene.

Austin, Texas; Where do I even begin? I spent this past week in Austin experiencing the culture, the food, and the music. Friday night I went to a venue called Beerland which is known to specialize in punk rock/rock and roll. The venue itself is a bit of a dive bar with an open area and a stage for bands. 

Knowing that Austin is known for its live music I spent the week before leaving for vacation researching bands and concerts to go to, and venues worth taking a chance on. 

The show I decided to attend was the tour kickoff for a punk band called Leche who put on a really great show. The supporting bands were just as good. Mangala is a hardcore band from Texas. Hot mom, Riot Punch, and Dregs were all various types of punk bands. 
Here's the photos from the show:


Riot Punch




Serious Matters and Sparrows in Trenton, NJ

Last week I had the chance to photograph my friends of Serious Matters as well as a band called Sparrows who were in NJ all the way from Toronto, CA. The venue was Championship bar in Trenton, NJ. Small typical bar venue but the cool thing was the view of the stage from the side gave you access to the back corner of it making my photos pretty interesting. 

If you have never heard of Sparrows and are into Hardcore music I would definitely give these guys a listen. They put on such a killer show even to the audience of 10 that they had watching. 

And of course if you haven't checked out the guys of serious matters I would do so. These guys have some serious talent. They have a long career ahead of them.  

Here are some photos of Serious Matters:

Heres some photos of Sparrows. Please go check them out!!!

The Tip and Liza Colby Sound

The first concert I had the chance to photograph this year was back in January. It happened to be these bands The Tip(From Nashville) and Liza Colby Sound(From NYC). These bands are as rock and roll as they come. They are full of emotion and are their performances in January gave me so much life and want to create and capture more moments. They gave fuel the fire in my art. I had bought a new camera for that show and was disappointed  in the outcome of the photos due to low light situations at the venue. 

Of course I jumped a the chance for redemption and to see these amazing bands again and I am so happy with the outcome of these photos. 

here are some of the shots from that show. 


Stacked Like Pancakes and Big Fat Meanies

Last night I had the chance to attend an amazing show and take some great photos. 

Ska has always been really close to my heart. There has never been a ska band Ive seen that has never put on a fantastic show. Stacked like Pancakes and Big fat Meanies are not exception. Here are some shots from the show last night in Philly. 

Picturesque, Broadside, Tonight Alive, Sliverstein

Right now I feel like I have been in a great place with my work. I have done a few shows recently that I am so excited to share with everyone. Sunday I did a concert with Picturesque, Broadside, Tonight Alive and Silverstein. I am so proud of some of these photos. The one band  I would have never thought to see Silverstein was the photos I think I love the most. I am so excited to share First set of photos is of the band Picturesque 

Next Gallery is Broadside 

Next band to play was Tonight Alive 

The last band to play was Silverstein. 

Is there such a thing as too many projects?

So some of you who visit my site might know about my current project. I have been writing a music blog. It started out so great. I was excited and couldn't wait to keep writing. Here i am tonight trying to get my 4th post up and I am completely unhappy with how it is turning out. I have this issue with being a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life. My projects are one of those things. So here I am obsessing over the little stuff. So much so that I am having trouble eve feeling tired enough to go to sleep. Of course I have work super early tomorrow morning. because why wouldn't I? I am very thankful of the people in my life that have been here to help me with my blog and everything. I can't wait to get more stuff up on that page. Its something I am incredibly passionate about for sure. This is my attempt at clearing my head. Not sure it really worked to be honest but it was worth a try. 

Good night interwebs. 

First blog post

So I want this to be a place where I not only get the opportunity to explain my work but a places where I can share ideas. A place where I can clear my head. A place where I can support my friends and their work. A place i can review movies or music or some product I swear by. A place where I can open discussions and talk about anything that comes to mind. This is my blog where anything goes. 

This is my new photography website. I had an old one that was a bit outdated and felt it was time to upgrade to a new easy to use website. Im excited to see where the future leads me.