Sparrows Portraits

In June I had the chance to shoot some killer promos for an amazingly talented group of guys named Sparrows. They are a post-hardcore/Altrock group from Toronto, Canada. Their skill level is incredible. Everytime I see these guys perform it blows me away.

Check out some of the shots we captured while hanging around Philly before the show.

Sparrows live in Philly

I had the chance recently to shoot one of my favorite bands to take photos of Sparrows. Their photos speak for themselves but I’ll give a little background as well. These guys come from Toronto, Canada. They are some of the most talented people I have ever gotten the chance to see perform. They have an amazing stage presence to go along with their incredible skill and talent. These guys are about to release their new album in just a few weeks while setting out on a tour across the east coast. If you get the chance to get to one of their dates I highly suggest it. You will not be dissapointed. Here are the shots.

In Good Nature and Suntitle

I had the chance to photograph my friends of In Good Nature from Massachusetts the other night while they are on their current tour with the band Suntitle. They played a venue in North Whales, PA. A firehouse hall. These guys are pretty awesome. Everytime I see them the impress me more.

In Good Nature