New Hope/Lambertville

I went on a photo adventure recently with my new camera. We ended up in New Hope, PA /Lambertville,NJ

They have an abandoned train there that I wanted to take photos of. The town of New Hope is a quite artsy little place. Here are the photos


The other night I had the chance to take photos of a band who I have become more and more obsessed with, Belmont. These guys are going to have a record year this year and I was so excited to get the opportunity to shoot them in the setting they thrive in the most, The smaller intimate venues. They were joined by A Boy Named John and Halogens. This was my second time taking photos of Halogens. The first time was also a Belmont show last year in Trenton. Here are the photos

A Boy Named John

The Halogens


Portrait session with Connor Bracken

The same night as my other photo shoot I ran into a buddy of mine Connor Bracken who i’ve been trying to catch up with to shoot some portraits of. We decided why not do it then and there. Here are the rad shots of a rock and roll front man. These were also shot using my new camera so it was a bit of a test. Special guest appearance of Tom from High School Superstars.

Wyndup Kid Promo Shoot

I was excited to be able to end the year shooting promotional photos for a friend of mine Joey J. and his band Wyndup Kid. We wandered south street. hit up some murals and tattooed moms. This was a fun way to end the year. I am available to shoot promotional portraits for any band looking for some. Feel free to send me an email and we can work something out.

Sleep On It and Valencia 'We All Need A Reason to Believe' Anniversary

The last show of 2018 happened to be a show that meant more to me than anything Ive shot in the past. I had the chance to photograph a band who was one of the first bands I took photos of on my little point and shoot camera back in 2008. Valencia happens to be my favorite band. A local group who I watched grow and gain a following in the industry. I can honestly say i’ve probably seen them 30 times if not more. I’ve watched them play skating rink food areas to big festivals like bamboozle and warped tour. I also had the change to photograph a newer band that I’ve come to love, Sleep On It.

Heres the photos from the show in philly at union transfer.

Sleep On It