Is there such a thing as too many projects?

So some of you who visit my site might know about my current project. I have been writing a music blog. It started out so great. I was excited and couldn't wait to keep writing. Here i am tonight trying to get my 4th post up and I am completely unhappy with how it is turning out. I have this issue with being a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life. My projects are one of those things. So here I am obsessing over the little stuff. So much so that I am having trouble eve feeling tired enough to go to sleep. Of course I have work super early tomorrow morning. because why wouldn't I? I am very thankful of the people in my life that have been here to help me with my blog and everything. I can't wait to get more stuff up on that page. Its something I am incredibly passionate about for sure. This is my attempt at clearing my head. Not sure it really worked to be honest but it was worth a try. 

Good night interwebs.