Serious Matters and Sparrows in Trenton, NJ

Last week I had the chance to photograph my friends of Serious Matters as well as a band called Sparrows who were in NJ all the way from Toronto, CA. The venue was Championship bar in Trenton, NJ. Small typical bar venue but the cool thing was the view of the stage from the side gave you access to the back corner of it making my photos pretty interesting. 

If you have never heard of Sparrows and are into Hardcore music I would definitely give these guys a listen. They put on such a killer show even to the audience of 10 that they had watching. 

And of course if you haven't checked out the guys of serious matters I would do so. These guys have some serious talent. They have a long career ahead of them.  

Here are some photos of Serious Matters:

Heres some photos of Sparrows. Please go check them out!!!