A Small Taste of the Austin Punk Rock Scene.

Austin, Texas; Where do I even begin? I spent this past week in Austin experiencing the culture, the food, and the music. Friday night I went to a venue called Beerland which is known to specialize in punk rock/rock and roll. The venue itself is a bit of a dive bar with an open area and a stage for bands. 

Knowing that Austin is known for its live music I spent the week before leaving for vacation researching bands and concerts to go to, and venues worth taking a chance on. 

The show I decided to attend was the tour kickoff for a punk band called Leche who put on a really great show. The supporting bands were just as good. Mangala is a hardcore band from Texas. Hot mom, Riot Punch, and Dregs were all various types of punk bands. 
Here's the photos from the show:


Riot Punch